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Help save feral cats

Start a TNR program in your community


  Become a member of  WeCATS Corp  and let us help you  implement a

TNR  program in your community today.


We  provide  members with a start-up kit that includes the educational tools that will guide you through each step of the program and a network of support to insure your program is a success.




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    A feral cat is born outside and lives its life, outside, in the wild.

The most common misunderstanding about feral cats is people still view them as domestic pets. The fact is, a feral cat is a wild animal exactly like rabbits, raccoons, squirrels and so on. We need to recognize them as such and treat them as we do all other wild life.


In addition to feral, there are stray and free roaming cats. All of which contribute to the over population epidemic. An epidemic created by man. This situation is not a cat problem; it is a people problem, a community problem in every city and every state, in fact all over the world.


There is a solution but we need your help.


Our goal is not to turn everyone into cat lovers. It is to build better communities and stop the senseless killing of these wild animals by practicing TNR.


Of the 10’s of millions of kittens born in the wild each year, only half survive.          .

 Some are socialized,  brought to shelters   and adopted.

The lucky one’s go to loving homes and live healthy, happy lives

While others that were adopted end up being abandoned under the allusion “A cat will survive.” Contrary to this belief domestic cats do not automatically return to their “natural” instincts and can not fend for themselves. Many of them suffering a violent end or a slow painful death.


The un adopted cats and kittens that remain in shelters, are eventually killed.


As for feral cats, if brought to a shelter, they are immediately killed.


 Currently U.S. animal shelters kill an estimated 6 million cats every year.

 Which is why over the past few years organizations such as WeCATS Corp , Alley Cat Allies, The ASPCA, and public opinion, have raised their voices for the humane treatment of feral cats.  Endorsing the TNR program. This change, though long over due, has been proven to be the only effective, humane solution.

 So much so, that Government agencies, shelters and other organizations are promoting TNR as well as providing free or low cost spay/ neuter programs.


 There is a place for Feral cats,

 living out doors where they were born,

 in our community, your community and in their community.






                           Help  us save Feral Cats and Kittens

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